Sq Strong Women

Fiona Power, Commercial Operations Manager

I’m Fiona, I’m 39 and I am the Commercial Operations Manager here at The Square.

My job is a very varied role, from marketing, events, sponsorship, community relations, social media, commercial activity and also management for the general running of the Centre. I have worked in various creative roles within retail, media and events so this role just brings everything in nicely together.

Jade CorriganCar Park Supervisor / Security

I am Jade, I’m 28 and from Jobstown. I’m Car Park Supervisor and also work alongside security. I am here nearly 3 years, and I love it.

I am in a job that is mostly dominated by men. There is only a handful of women in these roles. I do a lot of the work from behind the scenes with the control room with the cameras and then I also help out on the floor. It balances out great with the team here, and I get on great with all the lads here too.

Strong Women, International Women’s Day

How lucky are we with so many successful and inspiring role models!

Check out our latest installation on our Centre Mall on Level 2 celebrating the amazing “Strong Women” in our community!