Bagel Factory

All our bagels are GM free that are low in fat and salt yet high in energy giving carbohydrates. We have 10 varieties available, all fresh every day.
Our signature bagels include our famous chicken caesar, stars and stripes, turkey club melt, chilli tuna, italian pesto, mushroom melt and bacon or sausage egg works bagels. Or our customers can make up their own bagels using fresh tasty ingredients.

We also serve fresh soups, salads, smoothies, hot and cold drinks and snacks.

Our special offers include any eggworks including regular tea/coffee only €5.50. Any signature bagel and regular tea/coffee only €6.50 and any signature bagel with hunky dory crisps and mineral only €7.00

Bagel Factory
087 764 9099

Store Hours

Please contact the store directly for opening hours. The Square would like to apologise for any inconvenience this causes.