Belarmine Dry Cleaners

All your garments are tagged and logged through our upgraded computer system.

Our company is a member of the following associations:

Our mission is to provide you, the customer, with the very best services in the dry cleaning industry at a fair and reasonable price. We’re proud of the excellent reputation we’ve earned over the years, and we work to uphold it through each service we offer, from alterations to free pick-up and delivery.

We hand finish pressing each garment after garments are cleaned they go through a final inspection before they are bagged. Our bagging includes removing tags, stuffing sleeves and lint rolling each garment.

We have Experts spotters working on your garments. Only a highly skilled spotter can know what stains can SAFELY be removed. We remove or cover any fancy beading or buttons before cleaning to prevent damage.

Our Dry Cleaners might have the same appearance of your other local neighbourhood cleaners, but we are truly different!
Our stores, equipment and solvents are meticulously maintained on a daily basis so your clothes come out their cleanest

Belarmine Dry Cleaners

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Store Hours

Please contact the store directly for opening hours. The Square would like to apologise for any inconvenience this causes.