Oratory Of The Holy Family

The Oratory is a place of quiet and peace in the busy Shopping Centre where people of any Faith or none can find peace or opportunity to pray.

  • Mass: at 12 noon on Wednesdays, Thursdays, & Fridays (except on Holydays and  Bank Holidays)
  • Confessions: available before Mass.
  • Rosary: is said after Mass.


ADORATION: from 12  – 1 pm on MONDAYS & TUESDAYS.

PRAYERS [Divine Mercy]  at 3pm – for the intentions of those who come.

THE EMMANUEL COMMUNITY: on a SATURDAY each month  (advance notice of dates given)

MASS at 12. There are invitations to come and pray for special intentions.
Adoration, prayer and quiet time before Mass and after lunch break.

Religious booklets, leaflets and information about local parish religious or community events and services  are on a stand at the entrance porch and are promoted at Mass or services.

Services of prayer and reflection for young people will resume again this coming year.

Oratory Of The Holy Family

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