Commercialisation At The Square Tallaght

The Square Towncentre is located in Tallaght, a densely populated urban conurbation which serves as a commuter suburb southwest of Dublin City Centre. Tallaght is the third-largest population centre in the country larger than the cities of Galway, Limerick, Waterford and Kilkenny.

It is a major commercial hub and social activity centre of west Dublin. The Square is the retail and leisure hub for the entire Tallaght area and is the de facto town centre where people live, work and shop. This is reflected in the significant volume of visitors with annual door counts of 22.2 million and car park numbers of 4.64 million.

South Dublin County Council, the public library and all the government services for the town are adjoining the centre. Tallaght Hospital employing 3,000 people and the Institute of Technology Tallaght (3,700 students) are both within a five-minute walk of the centre.

Long Term Lettings

LT1, Level 2
Outside Boots

Sq Ft: 4.7m x 2.6m
€30K + vat per annum

LT2, Level 2
Outside Claire’s

Sq Ft: 6.4m x 3.6m
€30K + vat per annum

LT3, Level 2
Outside Newbridge

Sq Ft: 6.4m x 3.6m
€25K + vat per annum

LT4, Level 3
Outside Starbucks

Sq Ft: 6.4m x 3.6m
€10K + vat per annum

Short Term Lettings

ST1, Level 1
Outside Debenhams

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ST2, Level 1
Outside Dealz

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ST7, Level 2
Outside The Perfume Shop

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ST7A, Level 2
Outside Pandora

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ST8, Level 2
Centre Mall

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ST9, Level 2
Outside Lifestyle Sports

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ST10A, Level 2
Outside Holland & Barrett

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ST11, Level 2
Outside Boots

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ST14, Level 3
Outside IMC Cinema

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ST15, Level 3
Winter Garden

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ST16, Level 3
Outside Starbucks

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Letting Locations

Level 1

Level 2

Level 3

Contact Details

For letting or more information please contact;


Anne Golding

Tel: 01 452 5944   Email: [email protected]

Media & Advertising

We have a host of advertising opportunities available via our The Square Media Website.

This website will help you access some of the best options available to you here in the centre and will help you promote your business and trade successfully here at The Square Towncentre Tallaght.

As well as our own advertising and media channels we also work alongside some of Ireland’s best advertising and marketing companies to bring you a full range of advertising opportunities that complement the centre.

For more details visit The Square Media Website.