2nd October 2017 TheSqTallaght

Our new Student VIP Card has been launched this week!

Do you enjoy the discounts that come with student life? Well then our new Student VIP Card is exactly what you need. The Square Student VIP Card is primarily a discount card for third-level student who are in full time education.

It is valid until September 2019. If you have previously held our Student Card (which expired September 2017) you will need to apply again for your new card if you are still in college.

Applying for the card is simple, all sections of the form must be fully completed, either in hard copy format and handed in to the Customer Service Desk on Level 2 of The Square Towncentre, or online on www.thesquare.ie/student-vip-card/

When all that is done you can then use your card in participating stores to get amazing discounts and special offers.

Well go on what are you waiting for!

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