9th July 2015 TheSqTallaght

Our summer events are well underway here at The Square and we are delighted to see so many of you turn out to enjoy the fun. Week one saw our Superhero Day kick-start everything where all the children got creative with some funky masks. Next up we had an afternoon dedicated to balloon modelling which was an instant hit with every child of every age and we loved seeing so many of you help create some of your favourite animals.
Our final day of the week was an eventful one with everyone getting involved in learning some new dance moves!
Week two got underway with the return of some of our all time favourite puppets Punch and Judy, everyone really got involved in the show and had a great time! Next our team helped the little ones with some cartoon-making which was fun and easy for everyone to take part in!
Finally we had some street magic which really drew in the crowds, our magician was on hand to help teach everyone some cool card tricks! We also have colourful facepainting here at every event. Make sure to check out our Facebook page for details of the rest of our Summer Events which take place every Wednesday, Thursday and Friday in July from 12 noon-3pm!

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