24th October 2019 TheSqTallaght


Today is Sustainability Day and here at the Square Towncentre we recognise that our Shopping Centre has a vital role to play in protecting and enhancing our environment with a robust environmental sustainability programme across our entire operation.

Our annual environmental strategy plan ensures that we set out our objectives , targets and planned actions across our entire operation ensuring that our ‘Green Status’ is maintained and aligned with our values and objectives and allows us to benchmark the Centre’s sustainability performance. Setting baselines and tracking metrics allows us to see the effectiveness of our entire sustainability initiatives.

We work with Eco Merit in conjunction with South Dublin County Council Environmental Department who assess our energy consumption, waste and water use to save money and to help reduce our environmental impact.

In helping us with our ‘Green Status’ we require all our tenants to do their part. Regular seminars held with our tenants to help assist in making their businesses greener, has in turn reduced their operational costs and resulted in significant savings, so beneficial all around.

AES Waste are our nominated Waste Service Provider and affiliated subsidiary of Bord Na Móna . Our waste helps power the national electricity grid which in turn provides electricity for thousands of homes across the country. Additionally the waste food is used as compost and goes back to farming. We operate a segregation system to ensure that our waste is recycled wherever possible and therefore compacted general waste is minimised.

Rain harvesting which is becoming very popular to reduce water costs across the board is also under review as part of our continued Green initiatives. Another long term plan is to investigate the possibility of solar panels for electricity generation.

As part of our ongoing commitment to the environment here at the Square we have installed Eco Friendly Waste Bins throughout the Centre. These Eco Friendly Waste Bins help our customers to do their part for the environment by segregating their own waste into the appropriate bins provided.

A very popular Green Initiative here at the Square is our Electric Vehicle Charging Points.

We are very proud to encourage the drive towards carbon neutral motoring and we are one of the first of the larger shopping centres in the country to have electric charge points for our customers to use whilst they shop.

In all our activities we set out to be as environmentally responsible as possible in doing our part for our community.