Sustainability Updates

Here at the Square Towncentre we recognise the importance of our role in protecting and enhancing our environment with a sustainability programme that is managed across our entire operation.

We are delighted to have achieved our EcoMerit Certification for the next 5 years in recognition for our commitment to ongoing improvements across energy, waste and water efficiencies.

Our emphasis is on continuous monitoring and investment into our entire Environmental Performance Plan both on current and new initiatives.


CO2 Emissions

We have successfully accomplished a vast reduction in our total CO2  emissions for the 5th year in a row with 2019 vs 2018 down 145.776 Tonnes!  Since 2015 to date we have reduced our CO2 emissions by 49%.



Under our waste segregation system we ensure our waste is recycled wherever possible and therefore compacted general waste is minimised.

General waste to landfill down 8.7 Tonnes 2019 vs 2018

Recycling waste recovered, up 46.87tonnes 2019 on 2018

Also, the plastic used in our waste collection process is now made from recycled materials and is also 100% compostable.



Our Electricity Consumption has been reduced down by 330,937 KWH  with all electricity now from fully renewable sources.


New Incentives

Our ongoing environment strategy plan ensures that we met our environmental sustainability goals across our entire operation with the introduction of new initiatives.


  • The introduction into Led lighting upgrades in service yards also helps us to reduce our environmental impact.
  • Eco natural toilet paper has achieved a reduction in our carbon footprint by an additional 708,110 kgs.


Eco Art Wall

In 2019 we engaged young customers in a fun activity to raise awareness of environmental impact by creating together a permanent art installation using recycled materials, which is now displayed here at The Square, on Level 2.

We look forward to introducing more new initiatives very soon!